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Services For Creditors

It’s a commonly held view that creditors never get anything out of an insolvency – but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are things that can be done to increase the chances of receiving a dividend.

Creditors often take the view that it is simply not worth voting but it is possible, particularly with HHCR's contacts throughout the profession, to influence the outcome of meetings particularly in terms of modifying Voluntary Arrangement Proposals to provide an enhanced dividend to creditors.

We can assist, often WITHOUT CHARGE, in all matters related to creditors’ meetings and proving your debt. We will be pleased to answer any questions relating to the insolvency of one of your suppliers or customers

Services include:

  • Representation at meetings of creditors
  • Advice on voting strategy
  • Review of all insolvency related correspondence
  • Completion of proof of debt and proxy forms
  • Free reports on the outcome of creditors meetings
  • Advice on Retention of Title claims
  • Review and advise upon Voluntary Arrangement Proposals (charge may apply)
  • Review and advise on Administrator’s Proposals (charge may apply)