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Services For Professional Advisors

Insolvency legislation is complex and constantly changing. When clients face financial difficulty, their business is struggling, or they simply want to protect their assets, our experts can help you guide them through the right course of action. We advise banks, solicitors, and accountants on all areas of insolvency regarding both personal and corporate clients.

Examples of questions we are often asked:

  • My client is facing financial difficulty - what options are available?
  • Is my client trading whilst insolvent?
  • My client can't pay their tax bill, what can they do?
  • The bailiffs have just turned up at my client's premises, should he let them in?
  • How do I help my client protect their assets should they face insolvency in the future?
  • How are pensions affected by bankruptcy?

No matter how trivial you think the question is, please don't hesitate to call us.

Helpline: Advice when you need it most

Our Helpline service gives Professional Advisors access to up to date and reliable answers to your insolvency questions. To register for the helpline service please email us at or call 08452 770 660.